List of Online Artworks

Diogo da Cruz - Wordcoin

WORDCOIN proposes the implementation of a new currency, that will give a literal value to each one’s speech. By creating The Bank for Argumentation, the costumer-museumgoer will have the opportunity to trust his or her argument's to an institution that can save and trade them, giving the deserved and objective exposure to their ideas. The Bank for Argumentation will go live on the 9 Nov - with an in-life performance by Diogo da Cruz at GENERATORprojects on the evening, as part of the NEoN Festival.

Max Dovey - Breath (BRH) {Currently offline}

Breath (BRH) is a digital currency that is mined through human respiration. The installation combines breathing and micro-computers to mine, store and trade human breath as a virtual currency on the crypto-market(s). The market value of BRH is determined by the inflation created by respiratory miners who participate in the physical installation. The online portion of the project allows for visitors to track the ongoing mining process, live from wherever Breath (BRH) is setup. Accompanying the online/offline artwork is a performance, happening on the evening of the 9 Nov, as part of the NEoN Festival.

Felicity Hammond - PROPERTY

The installation will exist somewhere between a still life and a stage set, where images, objects, and their referents become indistinguishable from one another. Motifs from the two dimensional image seemingly find themselves in object-form, whilst the methodologies for their construction are also revealed. For the online segment of this project, which will go live on the 9 Nov, Felicity Hammond will reverse her process of transforming the digital into physical, through the creation of digital collages that utilise images of the physical installation at GENERATORprojects.

Petra Szemán - I keep forgetting I’ve been to Tokyo: GAIDEN

I keep forgetting I’ve been to Tokyo: GAIDEN is a three-channel animation video accompanied by a sound piece. It follows a virtual self through parallel and intersecting realities, along the departure-initiation-return structure of The Hero’s Journey. Drawing upon personal and/or constructed experiences, the online portion of this work of art explores the idea of a non-localised identity that’s an archive of accumulated personal mythologies acquired from a multitude of realities. Not only is the self an unreliable narrator, but it is also an unreliable narrative. This online version manifests itself in the form of a interactive mind-map.

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